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sup bitches

2009-03-24 20:19:40 by HolyTomato

yeah whats up anyone who knows me. Ive been away focusing on school, but thats starting to settle down now and im going to try and get back into submitting music. I have a job now so I may be able to save up some cash and get some better equipment and some cool instruments. Im going to start by looking over all my submitted stuff and clean a few songs up, maybe submit some live stuff.

In other news, I've been watching all the episodes of Oz the past week and I have heard the word cocksucker more than I have before in my entire life.

That is all


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2009-03-24 20:40:11

You wanna here the word pussy more than you have in you whole life? Play 50Cent: BotS


2009-03-30 22:10:33

Where have you been, Long time no talk to.

Also, Cocksucker. MAHAHHAHAHA


2009-03-30 22:11:04

Become a Fab like us. Timmy has converted and you must now.


2009-05-04 23:13:41

Where's the god damn secksy tree?!
For this, I cry.


2009-05-15 00:55:37

I love you.


2009-05-17 09:33:23

^^^ Fags

< Faggot


2009-05-31 22:42:08

That sure is swell Andrew.


2009-07-08 01:02:34

wow i havent talked to you in forever. >.>
remember ?
i was reminiscing with pooz and thought id leave a comment


2009-07-10 14:25:05

Where have you been? Fucking more whales and mermaids?